BC's luxury Villas

Our 16 acre property is filled with everything you could need in a luxury getaway. We have 26 private villas with hot tubs & jacuzzi tubs, two heated swimming pools, a spa, private excursions, and restaurant. Luxury will take a whole new meaning when you close your eyes on our private beach front patio jacuzzi and breathe in that fresh forest air.

Every room has a view

At our enchanting resort, each of our meticulously designed rooms offers a captivating front-row seat to the wonders of nature. Whether you choose to wake up to the gentle rustling of leaves in our forest-facing rooms or be mesmerized by the soothing sounds of waves lapping at the shore from our beachfront accommodations, we promise you will be enchanted.

Choose your luxury

You have the freedom to fill your day with as much adventure or relaxation as you desire. Embrace the luxurious tranquility of nature with guided tours through the vibrant rainforests of Vancouver Island. Indulge in a moment of respite with our thoughtfully prepared charcuterie and wine picnic at the summit of the mountain. Afterward, return to our villas to unwind, where you can either lounge on the beach while enjoying live music or savor martinis and couple massages on your villa's patio.

Orca's Den

Our Orca's Den offers a more social opportunity for our guests to step outside of their private rooms, onto a shared courtyard, featuring a volleyball net, pool tables, a swimming pool, and bar. Perfect for social butterflies, solo travelers, or families with children.

Lazy Otter Cabins

The Lazy Otter Cabins are right on the beach. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset from your kitchen table. Watch your kids play on the beach right in front of your cabin. The cabins are all that you could want for a private beachfront getaway.

Eagle Pods

The Eagle Pods are our most private experience. They are nestled in the trees, and provide the most rustic atmosphere. Filled with romantic lighting, cheese and wine, and an outdoor bathtub fit for two, these pods are guaranteed to spice up your vacation.

Absolutely Recommend!
Novita Villas was just what we needed to unwind from our busy lifestyles and reconnect as a family.
-Robert Holding
Yearly Getaway
My husband and I come here every year to escape the hustle and bustle of our every day lives. We get treated like royalty, and always leave feeling super refreshed.
-Leslie Hollinger
Nature Lover's Paradise
We were looking forward to seeing deer on our vacation to Canada, and ended up seeing owls, bears, deer, elk, raccoons, whales, and dolphins!! What an experience.
-Grandma Hazel